CPM Autoparts

CPM Autoparts offers a wide range of nock-bolt and fasteners for retail and wholesale. You can choose from over 10,000 items Hexagon Bolts, Hexagon socket cap screws ,Drywall screws , socket set screws , Machine screws , Self tapping screws , Eye Bolts , Wing Screws , Stud , Flat washer , Spring washer , Lock washer , Pins , U-bolts ,Wire Rope Equipment and made to order other, construction machinery, automotive,furniture. Electrical work with good Standardized materials. and modern machines with standardized international eye test

A325, JIS, DIN, BSW, UNC, UNF, M / M, ASTM,ANSI, # 304, # 316, G8.8, G10.9, G12.9. with the timely delivery, safe and secure transportation, You can be assured that your products will meet your needs. to complete your business goals.


"We will step into the leadership of the nut-screw and fasteners business"



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